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- Representation and accommodation.

- Slots approvals and traffic rights.

- Load control and communications.

- Passenger and baggage handling.

- Cargo and mail handling.

- Ramp services.

- Flight operation and crew handling.

- Transport of passengers and crew.

- Catering services (c/o Maldives In-flight Catering).

- Station supervision and administration.

- ULD management.
At Leeway Maldives we are available 24
hours a day including week ends and Public
Holidays so that our clients can be rest
assured that their Flight Operations will go
smoothly and uninterupted.

Our Flight Hanndling Team of professionals
have been actively invloved in serving the
Maldives Aviation industry for more than
fifteen years.

We are the experts when it comes to Handling
irregularities and flight interuptions.
Aviation services provided by Leeway Maldives
Leeway Maldives  Aviation Services
Flights to Maldives (MLE International Airport) | Find below actual timings for flights that land and depart Maldives
Leeway Maldives Pvt Limited is a 100% Maldivian owned company incorporated on May 9th, 2003 with its head office at" Ma-Machangolhi Villa, Chandhany Magu, Male' 20173, Republic of Maldives."