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Welcome to Leeway Maldives. Leeway Maldives is a regicterd cmpany in the Maldvies unddr the act
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Maldives Climate

It is sweet summer throughout the year in Maldives with warm temperatures. The sunshine in the warm tropical
environment results in relatively minor variations in daily temperature all through the year. April is considered the hottest
month in Maldives and December the coolest.  The weather is determined by the monsoons. Monsoon rain wets the pearl
like islands of the Maldives around May and October. The weather plays a vital role in the day to day life of the Maldivians
as our Nation is just 1% land and 99% water. We Maldivians use a calendar to track down when to expect rain. Nakaii is
what Maldivians call the months of the Calandar. Each nakaii is 13 or 14 days. It is divided into two seasons. Iruvai and
Hulhangu monsoon. The said calendar remains the most trust worthy source for determining the best time for travel,
shipping and planting crops even at the present.